Better stories

I went home tired earlier so I fell asleep.

And now, I woke up with a jolt and a face in my head that brought a sudden flood of so many things.

Damn these hormones. Haha.

You know what, let me tell you a short story – three years ago, I think I might have met my soulmate. 😲

We would talk and talk and talk and would not find a way to finish. *end

But I guess, sometimes we just don’t end up with that one soul who eternally binds and stirs and brings us back to them however we trick ourselves into forgetting.


So yeah, lucky are those who end up with their soulmates.

And if you have found yours, I really sincerely hope you keep them forever.

I wish I did mine.

I wish I had had a kind of feral audacity to have fought a little harder.

But yeah, life teaches us things, sometimes, so we could tell better stories to kids who would soon also find their soulmates, and so they may keep them and not lose them (like most of us did).

Ahhh, my old heart is crying. But I could laugh now (and cry at the same time) while writing this.

Ah well, we don’t hold the future. What matters really is that we learn from the days (and the people/ soulmates) that have come and gone.


Happy last week of January.