So it’s a Sunday and this has really been a full week for me.

I’m here, listening to the new album of cheats (which is cool, btw, so I embedded the Spotify link here), while I try to neatly sort the crazy amount of stuff that I currently have, cramped in my head.

I just finished going over asynchronous class materials, have answered classroom stuff, uploaded other requirements for subjects, and have more or less plotted my schedule for this semester, especially this December.

I have to admit that I feel more excited doing school things now 😅, however tedious they all seem. Maybe because I know that I can look forward to more meaningful things even at a hazy but visible distant future.

There have been a lot of cold and murky and really despicable other parts outside of the warm and cozy post-grad bubble of my life now, but I guess that’s how it is– life is such a strange and convoluted landscape of darkness and light altogether.

Although I wish it was mostly warm and cozy everyday. Where people’s energies felt safe and not cruel. Where you always had a space to be your own. And where you did not have to constantly wait for good things to be dangled over your head like a treat, each time the universe asked you to roll over or stay & wait or shake hands or play dead.

Education is liberation they say, the great equalizer.

I guess so.

And I sincerely hope so too.

Okay, so I may sound like I’m speaking in tongues now, haha. You see I’ve just had some gut-level realizations the past week as we talked about heteropatriarchy in class, and the structures and systems that perpetuate it. And how complex it always is to navigate through the goddamned conceptual web it has so intricately weaved into our shared consciousness and identity.


My blog’s turning ten next year 😱, and I guess I’ll start to make a space for talking about these things (other than my life rants) Haha. As I realized how important it is to talk about these things, and on the side, how I have so much academic papers I wish so many other people had the time and energy to read. 😂

Anyway, it’s also year end in a bit. I hope you’re riding this whole world “recovery” wave, however seemingly trivial your own forms of recoveries are.

Ahhh, I missed you all. I’ve been really, really busy this year. But I’ll try to write more before 2022 closes.

And yah, more music to close haha. Midnights (3am Edition) is actually really good too. Taylor sounds good in the synth arrangements.

And these days too, I’ve been seriously fueled by this badass BTS song haha. Ahhh, rapline, my soul. 💣

Stay faithful, my friends! Light and love. ✨

But also, let’s remember what the good ol’ cypher says — however oppressive the systems are, they can’t totally control our shizz. 😎✨