Funny how, tonight, I found myself lost in my drafts folder, trying to remember when I wrote so many untitled things. Haha.

I might have lost the energy in the middle of finishing these (yes, that happens a lot of time) or I think I may have felt that I did not need to publish the posts that time (there are things you need to keep for yourself too, you know 😝).

So now that I’m feeling the least restrained keep them, let me take this chance to free me up of these long forgotten clutter that I hadn’t noticed I’ve been carrying with me every day.

I hope you don’t mind seeing my crude heart-head situation here– sometimes angry, on some days oblivious to the world, sometimes caring too much, but most of the time exhausted and wretched and weary.

Here goes (select an image to zoom & read):

Ahhh, it’s so nice to be free.

Stay faithful my friends. I’ve missed you all. 🌻