soon 🌻

Hello my friends, how are you all? So I’ve been reading and filling up on my series, and trying to get back to my usual literary voraciousness.

And guess what, I’m here with an entry to the He-She series (wooooaaah😱, ikr?😅).

Anyway, not to keep you waiting, here goes. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

I caught you looking at me tenderly, across the screen, a number of times, while we talked.

And I’m not sure, if you’ve noticed me staring too, trying to memorize your face and your voice, as you told me about your flat tire and your errands for the rest of the afternoon.

This pandemic has robbed us of so many things, it seems. Time, mainly.

And it has kinda robbed me of you too.

Did you know that you had beautiful eyes, love? And that every time I look at them, they speak to me in earnest. With a yearning, and a longing that stirs me deeply.

And in that one stolen glance that I chanced upon,
And took in for a few moments this afternoon (forgive me for the indulgence),
I knew that I had always wanted to look at those eyes, so tenderly too.

And tell you, in that quiet exchange, that–
–I’m here, my dear, I feel you.
And I’m not going anywhere.
And I’ll hold your hand in the silence, in the chaos, in the every day that I can.
And yes, I love you, too.
I really do.

And I’m glad to have strangely bumped into you (again haha), so unexpectedly.
Although this time it feels promising, and still quite disarming, but so full of patronuses coming to life.

I’ll see you soon.


Stay faithful, my friends.
Sending you love and light. ❤️🌻