Keep walking

Dear Friends,

How are you?

So I am taking this very, very short break from life. Haha. 10 minutes.

My life now being– work from home (WFH)/ day job work + school work + org work.

And guess what, I’m not complaining. Haha. In fact I like how I’ve made much strides the past months.

It has been really difficult to move around in this pandemic, and it’s been so much more complicated to move forward in life, but yah, we go from where we are.

I’m on WFH now, actually on self-quarantine too– taking calls, answering emails, and finishing a paper due this Sunday. I’m also thinking about class tonight, and the work I left in the office, and when to watch the last episode of Hospital Playlist. And then I remember to write on the blog, and then go on to check my life checklist (for meetings & things to do, and papers due, and work due, and bills to pay, and things I want to buy for the new place, and so much more life things again). And then I’m also thinking about how the family are at home and every where.

All of these while contemplating over this new cup of coffee which I had made with a nice warm cup of milk that I just frothed. Haha.

It’s been a lot, I know.

We’ve all been through a lot.

And I can’t even begin to talk about the bad and wicked and heavy things because, you know, I’m not really the type to talk about them anyway.

I’ve found a line somewhere to set my worries free, in the sky, in the vastness of the universe. And I’d like to rid the world of carrying my own struggles and worries, somehow, at least for the time that it allows me to bring them around and then just set them free at a fine time.

Oh and my birthday’s fast approaching too. Haha. I can recall (very vividly now), how a year ago, I had a completely different set of wishes. haha. Ah well, how time changes us all. Or maybe some of those wishes have actually come true. Hah! Serves me.

And suffice it to say that I’m actually happy where I am now. But it’s not always butterflies and rainbows, though. Happiness is not like that, kids. Haha.

There’s just this quiet kind of peace that tells you hey, there you are, right in that sweet, sweet spot you were supposed to be. I’m so glad that I let the universe take over when I decided to let go of life controls and turn to auto pilot early this year. Trusting that my karma was kind enough to hold me up.

It did. It usually does.

I just openly wish that our present energies sustain us, my friends, up until the world opens up to us again; more forgivingly, I hope.

And I can’t say it’s been a good time, because damn, it hasn’t been.

But here we are.

I’m here, you’re here.

And that tells me, how that is enough reason to take a step forward.
One at a time.
No matter how many times you find yourself a few steps back.

Keep walking.