ad valorem

ad valorem:

1. Origin: Latin, according to the value
2. In proportion to the value


i came across this term tonight as i was making my public policy paper.

well obviously, you would know that i am currently reading on basic tax stuff, but i guess more than the strict relevance of my schoolwork to this universe, i was just stirred by the term. hahaa 😁

stirrings are just so common now that i am realizing how, maybe, when you’re older, you get regular encounters with all sorts of life revelations (trivial or consequential), that will either sweep you off your feet, hit you square in the face or both

in all cases, though, you are well inclined to lose balance; which further makes you wonder why, in this life, you are never really ready for anything.

so perhaps the whole point of this is that we deal with every day and every one, ad valorem

and there would be no need to ask whether or not you’d have to give one thing your best shot and another thing just the mediocre shot, because apparently, people will matter to people, and things will matter to people, just as they are, ad valorem

fair, i guess.👌

for in the end,
it’s always only up to you to decide on —
who to stick up for,
who to be friends with,
who you’d fight for (or fight with),
who you’d die (or better yet live) for,
or who you’d eventually choose to love forever,
and that is, ultimately, ad valorem.