She shifted in her seat for a few times trying to find a comfortable sitting position.

How long does it take for an upset tummy to settle again? She asked herself in her head.

She was scared because, for some reason, she had been dreading for this day to come.

Not that she did not wish it. She just did not have expectations, and neither was she prepared for anything anymore.

And then there he was, walking through that whole universe of lines and curves, and blacks and whites.

And he was the only thing that moved.

And he was oblivious, as usual, as he moved his backpack to a more comfortable side.

Did he bring any more books?

He fixed his specs and scanned the whole place while looking at his phone.

And his eyes stopped to meet hers.

She did not blink and her heart stopped too.

No, the whole world stopped.

He smiled, mouthed a “hey” and waved.

She smiled and waved back.

Her heart was racing again.

She had actually stopped hoping that this day would ever come.

But then there he was, smiling.

There he was, walking eagerly towards her.