day 116. Melancholy (reblogged) 😊


found this somewhere while doing internet research. hahaha.
so now i’m having that gush of memories as i remember my 19 year old self. 😊😊😊

and writing styles do improve over the years don’t they? hahaha. 😁

The Accounts

by: Azie Marie Libanan

i walked alone in the wilderness…
nowhere in sight,
no place to go
i closed my tired eyes and soon drowned into a vast ocean of melancholy
i struggled, but the gloomy waves all the more deluged me into the sullen depths of nothingness
i’m all alone again, i figured…
and i hear no sound…
the piercing silence soon permeate my being,
and little by little do i see fragments of my wounded soul scattered on the bloody ground…
i’ve no courage to pick them all up again,
for i’ve seen how each piece i took, soon crumbled in my equally fragile hands…
oh how sad tragic melancholy is!
it breaks you,
unmakes you
and no sooner will the greater tragedy be,
when you cannot pick up every piece to make yourself whole again,
and you just have to walk away,
farther, and further away…

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