one good thing

Eighteen 50-minute episodes through fiction and she finds herself poring over things she had so skillfully skipped and dodged all year round.


And how she actually felt being away for over a hundred and eighty moons and that she might have only gotten back through an accidental port key she did not mean to touch somewhere, she could not explain either.

This year has got to have to end, it was suddenly clear, and in the many things that have transpired, she did not understand why everything seemed to have just been part of a dream – a foggy, incoherent dream.

And something tells her that, perhaps, she might have met her soulmate somewhere in between the haze, and she oddly felt that that part was real, oddly and very strongly.

But yeah, looking back felt like a million years ago.


Although it is extremely possible that all of this sudden flood of assorted (most probably deferred) feelings might have just been a product of her being awfully carried away, lately, by all those books & stories she usually so ardently takes in.

And in end she did have to agree, amid reservations, with that certain protagonist babbling about how strangely depressing it is to find that one good thing (say, a soulmate) because you might not find a moment, a day, a thing or a person again as good as that one good thing.