I watched the sunset from the bus today. 🌻

Hello everyone! How are you all?
So this pandemic has been quite a difficult time to write, because, if anything, it feels like you just don’t want to think about things anymore, right?

Anyway, so I got a little inspiration yesterday and I wrote as soon as I can. Haha.

Here goes my random musings and wishful thinking again:

I watched the sunset from the bus today, on the extension seat, by the door.

And I realized how this was my life now, and this was how exactly I chose it to be.

And it’s hard to be trying to make sense of a newly started life chapter, when everything else in the world is an awfully disrupted & convoluted disarray of realities.

I’m definitely not the same person I was, a few months ago. I don’t know her anymore, and I don’t know how she’ll be in a day or two. And I don’t know what this turbulent times will make of her anymore.

It’s a curious place in time to be in, when the uncertainties around are suddenly bigger than your whole life put together in a sphere— your hopes, your dreams, your prayers, your plans, your here and now, all together in palm of the universe’s hand, and it’s tiny, negligible.

It makes you feel small and helpless and vulnerable and quite dispensable.

I watched the sunset from the bus today, on the extension seat, by the door.

With these hopes that I cannot find proper words for, nor place in the spectrum of my yearnings— it’s particularly confusing now, that these hopes seem rather wanting and disconsolate and wretched.

But we continue to hope, still, don’t we?

I still continue to hope too, I really do.
That when this is all over,

I’d still watch the sunset,
But maybe not from the bus anymore, on the extension seat, by the door.

I’d watch the sunset on the shore, instead,
Holding your hand, taking in your loveliness,
Staring at your gentle face, remembering your laugh,
Smiling back as you kiss me on the cheek,
Revelling at the peace that you so naturally bring.

And just like this quiet love we share,
I’ll watch the sunset, holding your hand for as long as I can,
In the hushed rustling of the breeze,
And the soft crashing of the waves,
And the silent songs of my heart.

Happy Tuesday, my friends, stay faithful! 🌻