maybe i’m having the blues

i woke up very early today. i do not have an early flight to anywhere nor do i have a deadline i’d hope to beat, nope, nothing,

i just woke up.
maybe i’m just having the blues.

and i cannot contain my mind now, it’s flowing with all sorts of things – smoke and shadows,
the sky with moving clouds and rays of light,
a big rainbow,
moving trains and running horses,
and stars!
and then there’s rain and sunshine and moonlight,
and voices, yes, voices – some muffled, some loud,
and silhouettes,
and music – all those notes in the staff in a dance,
and numbers in jumbles,
and faces – flashing at a random, strangers and familiar ones alike,
and places – flashing before my eyes too, like i’m in a fast moving train on slow motion…

and then i see someone at edge of the picture, she’s sitting on the shore, her back at me and looking at the ocean, her eyes on the horizon.
she’s still, very still, like she’s lost to somewhere.

and as all the scenes before me melt into a blur, i wonder what she’s thinking.

my eyes refocus again and i’m sitting on the shore, looking at the horizon, taking in whatever i could, letting the sound of the crashing waves wash over my soul.

with another turn of the tide, as the waves reach me and wets my feet, comes a swirl of silence that sweeps the whole place like a gentle breeze, it is sweet like music, and it comes rushing in, filling in all those gaps and voids and empty spaces everywhere.

and overflowing.

i guess that is how it is now, in that pretty mixed up place i got in there.

i just woke up,
perhaps i’m just having the blues.