Hello! So I know I haven’t been writing as much lately, my apologies. 😬 I’ve been full and really sick, and keeping up with life, — all while running our #UsapTayo sessions for June.

But yeah, I have grown accustomed to this new sort of hustle and I hope you’re all also doing fine like I’m trying very hard to be.

I’m actually thankful to have found as much peace as I had been praying for, for a long, long time now. And I hope to check off some really good plans in my list by the end of the year, and also start some new ones by 2020. Yay! 🤗

Anyway, so I came back here just to check on everybody, and tell you of a Filipino film I watched on Netflix: “Hintayan ng Langit”. 😊 It’s been trending on my twitter feed and been getting good reviews too so I set aside some of my sick person rest time to watch it. Hehe.

(Photo not mine, credits to owner.)

Here is the trailer:

And boy, I was ugly crying. 😭😭😭 Haha. I was particularly moved by the crude metaphors of waiting, and the painful star-crossedness of so many things in this life.

I know.

I have had my share of that too (I guess 🤷🏻‍♀️), that’s why I was feeling quite “attackedt” while ugly crying, as millennial twitter would call it. Haha.

The story progressed into magnifying the intricacies of love and the complex choices that we have to make in the course of it. Choices that lead to more complicated sets of choices, and choices that, most of which, determine our futures.

I remember contemplating a lot of times before too how, maybe, things would’ve been different for me had I only chosen opportunities or people differently. But I also realized how I cannot bring myself to regret any of those choices because whatever happened thereafter have actually brought me my peace now.

Ahhh, life, too many what ifs.

The film also touched on the guilt of leaving. I particularly liked how they framed the narrative in a way that lets you see both sides of the parting —

— leaving, on the part of the person who left, whatever his or her reasons may be, is also difficult, it was said. Because, leaving seems selfish, one character mentioned, but leaving, on the other hand, another character posits, is also painful for the one who leaves. And there’s more guilt and pain to it, when carried.

So I guess, that makes all sorts of goodbyes painful eh? However fitting, however rational, however the best choice it is, whichever side you look at, especially if it involves love. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ahhh, I remember so many things. I also remember some people. 😅 But yeah, I have to say (again) how I’ve actually found my peace in my realities now. It is a long way, really, and it takes a good amount of time and energy, but I tell you, my friends, peace comes in God’s own time. You only need to be very, very patient, and faithful.

Ahhh my heart, again. Haha.

And so yeah, this is me telling you to watch it too for it will be worth the ugly crying. Haha.

Happy June, my friends, sending you love. 🌻