moving along

I walked my usual ‘after work‘
route tonight— to the chapel, then off to the gate, then to the nearby mall to buy me a sandwich for dinner.

I don’t know why this particular walk had felt like it had been a long time since I did that. When actually, I think, I did walk that same way, last week.

Anyway, so I like the evening walks under the perpetually starry cebu sky, the most. That’s why I usually go home when the sun is out, and is off to the other side of the world to shine.

The past weeks have been crazy. Actually, the past months have been a confused convolution of so many things all together— urgent, important, random, planned & not planned, even things unnecessary, all happening at the same time, competing for my sorry limitedness.

And I guess we all long for the quiet stillness of some nights (like tonight), and the muted swaying of the trees. When all you can hear is yourself and your own being, and the rustling of those fallen leaves in your every step, and your soul exhaling in your every sigh, and your thoughts yearning things, singing songs, throwing lines with the stars.

I know that storms are coming. You’d know that in the silence, yes. But don’t you just revel in that moment of transient peace that the universe is so awfully kind to make you marvellously walk through, even for just this one night?


Thinking about it, and the fact that I might one day move along, and find myself elsewhere, I can’t help but think of how I’ll miss this, and the evening walks, and the time to think, and the time to feel.

And the many other things that moving along makes us leave behind.


But we have to move along, don’t we?

That’s what growing up entails, I surmise.

And in such a transient world we have, I sometimes wonder why it always has to take some amount of time for us to get used to things.

But we get used to things, don’t we?

And then we have to move along again, and get used to all that coming and going, and moving along, and coming and going, and moving along again.


But yeah, we do get used to things, don’t we?

Don’t we?