sleep 😩

So I’ve been trying to sleep, but I can’t. 😩

I was actually already sleepy an hour ago but I still had things to print so I tried to delay the whole thing, and now it has totally slipped me, and I’m here drinking cold milk and I think I’m about to have a migraine, and yeah, I know the joke’s on me, clearly. 🤡🥴


Maybe this is the anxiety kicking in too. I’ve been having an awful lot of things in my head lately and I have been patiently sorting them all out into neat piles, and gawd, there just seems to be an endlessness to it all.

But yeah, I do believe that things do fall into their proper places, eventually.

Yes, they do.

And oh, I’ll be off soon! It’s a little bit sooner than what I’ve expected and imagined in my head but I guess life prepares us everyday for the many things that will have to come, and we just don’t notice how ready we are for things (I hope 😅).

I’m also looking forward to graduation. Ahhh, finally.😭

I hope you’re all still fighting back despite this years’ early round knock downs and sucker punches. 🤕

We’ll all get this through, my friends. Stay faithful. 🌻

And yah, good night. ✨