So I’ve been feeling strangely troubled these past few days as I find my thoughts, somehow, all going back to you.

I honestly do not know why. 🤔

And I cannot discredit my instincts, nor can I ignore the crude yet sincere inklings of my spirit, plus this really weird feeling in my chest, so I’m putting this out here.

Hey, I hope everything is alright. And the world is being kind to you.

Whatever you’re going through right now, if there is/are, I’m sure you’ll survive them all because you’re not only tough and smart, you’re also kind and sweet and thoughtful, and I really think that the world is naturally gracious to people who are kind and sweet and thoughtful. 😊

And hey, you’re a zen person, remember? Haha.

Please know that I have been thinking of you, (although just recently, but definitely) most ardently.

Yours always,


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