Hi! How are you all?

I had been wanting to write the past weeks, but I’ve been feeling a little under the weather too and kinda sad and also exhausted with the January as a whole.

My migraine’s been working full time too, so I haven’t had that time to really sit down and give my mind some rest.

Well, not until today.

So it’s Sunday and I’ve had some cleaning done and I watched the Ted Bundy tapes on Netflix and I have had some sleep too, and I liked what the priest said in his homily at mass this afternoon.

Father said to pray for the strength to accept and follow God’s will for each of us.

That has been quite timely because I had been reflecting lately on the rate that my life is going.

I am not sure if I’ve been doing alright (by the world’s skewed standards) and I worry sometimes.

So on a general evaluation, I think that the volunteer work I have been doing for our Mental Health Org has been the most spiritually rewarding of all. Ironically, it’s not my day job that’s the most inspiring. 😆

But hey, I’m not complaining. Being in a life position where I can juggle work and school and a volunteer org is God’s design on its own. I could not have done it all by myself, and I should be thankful that I can live decently, give back to my family, and have some extra for millennial lifestyle subscriptions. 😆

So in those times (seriously, there are times) when I wonder if I’ve been too unlovable because I have not had a romantic relationship for a long time, I just think of the fact that perhaps I still need to find that so strong a person who can manage the magnitude of love that I am capable of giving. Which of course, includes all that hyperactive energy that comes with it. Haha.

So tonight, as what the Missionary Father has advised, I pray for the fortitude to stay patient and faithful to the wisdom of the Universe Maker.

I find solace in the fact that I heard it personally at mass earlier.

I pray for you too, my friends. Let us sleep reassured that God has His plans wonderfully laid down from the day we were all born.

Stay faithful. 🌻