There are days when I remember your tender face so vividly that I could almost touch and trace it with my tired and frail hands.

And every time I remember, I always forget how I’ve forgotten.

Or, at least, I forget how I have been trying to forget.

And so tonight, I hope you’ll understand if I keep looking at that tender face until my heart finds peace in its violent distress.

And then I’ll keep my promise, and put you away (again) in that dark and dusty corner of my mind. Along with the many broken dreams I’ve had had, with much difficulty, tried to stow away.

Oh the sojourns that keep you long at bay and bring you solace for a while, only to lead you back to the many things you try, so cautiously, to run away from.

When do we stop?

Why do we keep running away?

🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻 🌻


I’ve been reading this Nick Joaquin compilation that I chanced upon the other day. And ahhh, forgive me, I’m trying my best but my heart is going to burst so I had to write something. 😭