Do something

01/13/2019, latest edit 01/16/19 😅

Hi! So this is technically my first write up for the year, YAY, and I hope the year opened well for you and you are all fine. 😁

As for me, I’m here fighting with myself, not really knowing what to tell you so I’m typing random words instead as I listen to udd’s new album tonight on repeat. And I assure myself that I’ll just arrange the jumble I create into a decent form when I can.

So I have been going on a slump at the amount of work that I am currently juggling now and I am actually surprised to find myself not as exhausted as last year.

I’m thinking that maybe, I’ve grown used to the awful work crazy and have become desensitized to the absurd amount of things that I have to comply with every single day and maybe too, the week at home during the Christmas break, looking after Nanay and seeing my family has, actually, brought me back that good amount of strength I usually carry around with me.

I laugh at how I just tell myself that maybe one day, in an extremely complex and weird turn of events, somebody might come and save me from all of this madness. And he’ll bring me somewhere in the universe and we’ll live happily ever after. 🤷🏻‍♀️😅 And then again I eventually get back to my senses and realize that it will have to be me who will have to save myself from all the things that I’ve actually also brought myself into. *Sigh*

I’m also (still) waiting for my comprehensive exam results (God have mercy on me), so I went back to reading, watching series and writing. I must admit that the writing part is the most tedious of them all since it’s almost always impossible to get the writing going, and that’s only the regular writing thing, we all know how good writing takes an awful lot of energy just to begin somewhere.

So yeah, I’m happy to report that I’ve had some mini “accomplishments”, to date: I’ve finished reading The Beatrice Letters, one of Lemony Snicket’s later books that I’ve been wanting to read since I’ve finished reading the whole A Series of Unfortunate Events (ASOUE) set. And I did it in between attempting to finish the first book of Ursula Le Guin’s EarthSea series and watching the third season of the ASOUE series on Netflix. Now, I’m done with goals 1 & 3 and all I have to do is finish A Wizard of Earthsea. 😁💁🏻‍♀️

Ahhh, the solace of fiction. I really don’t know how I’d survive this world, had I not been regularly nourished by my regular (fiction) reading.

With that, let me do you some fictional good (#punintended haha 😄) and leave you tonight with a few snippets from the ASOUE series that had rendered me helplessly crying while watching. Funny because that was the same predicament I was in, when I was reading the books more than 10 years ago. In fact, ate Xishi, who lent me her books, (because I could not afford to buy things that time) checked on me from time to time since I wouldn’t go out of our dorm room because I just couldn’t stop reading. Haha. I think I saved a lot of money from the meals I missed for a few weeks that time. 😅

Anyway, so here goes:

I hope that despite the melange of unfortunate events that beset us and our grand plans, we remember what Kit Snicket told his brother Lemony – to do something. May we also not wind down to thinking that everything is our fault and hence we do not deserve the chance to endeavor (again) to change the course of the many things in our lives anymore.

In additional hindsight, I just realized how I had so many things to say. Haha. I guess I missed you all. 😅

And it’s Sinulog weekend here, I’ll stay home and pray (and sleep, probably) but this tita will surely be one with the Cebuanos in their extraordinary overflowing of faith this festival season.

Pit Señor!

All my love,