So every night, I have made it a habit to list down all my “things to do” as a sort of self reflection at the end of the day.

I’ve realized, after all this time, how the list would always never really end, and there’s always something that needs to be done tomorrow and the days to come.

I guess the challenge really has always been with the finding time to reset and recharge so as to remain fully functioning.

I was at it last night already and was contemplating for the evening when, in the middle of it all, Mama called.

I told her anchee (my sister) was already asleep, and she said that both pops & nonoy (youngest brother) were asleep too.

I was talking about how I think that this current generation of senior high students now are likely to be having a unique role crisis of their own.

Just imagine how they are supposed to be college students now, if there was no K-12 program and are, therefore, expected to act maturely but cannot do so still because, apparently, they all are still living with their parents.

After all that discussion (mostly about my senior high brother ✌🏼😅) it just occurred to me how, in fact, I do take after mama a lot. Haha. Like really a lot, in terms of views and apprehensions, and a general opinion of and reaction to things.

Earlier, we also had a ‘pre-meeting’ meeting for our activity on Sept. 15, and there was this kid (who told us he was in senior high) who approached our table and brought out baked goodies from his bag to sell to us.

I, of course, kinda interviewed the kid before getting a box, and asked where they’d use the money and what for. He seemed sincere in saying that they divided the profits among themselves in their group to get extra cash.

Well, what do we know, tonight did remind me to tell the little brother (in one of these coming days) how lucky he was that he did not have to approach strangers (even if they seemed kind like we did 😁) to sell things for extra money.

Don’t get me wrong, I know how complex (and ugly) the web of poverty and society is meshed, and that is for a totally different and equally complex write up.

I just guess that sometimes we are so engrossed with our own discomforts that we forget how our concerns are, more often than not, dwarfed by the concerns of other people in this vast universe.

That also goes for me and you.

If anything, we need to be extra empathic of people and less indulgent of ourselves.

I was not able to finish the list tonight because I was so sleepy when mama & I finished talking. But I did get a good deal of self reflection that, I’m sure, I could bring with me in the next few days or so.

I did need that kind of nudge today.

Perhaps on most days, to be able to thrive, all we really do need is some good ‘life reminding’.

Be kind today,



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