At 00:00, I honestly did not know what to write about today.

There are just days like that, right? There are actually more days like that. Haha. Maybe that’s why writers call it that strike of inspiration because there are really days when you’re “empty” / nada / zero.

Well that’s other than the “emptiness” that my heart has had for a long time already, and that which I’m trying my best to fill up with alternative (and equally glorified things) like volunteer org work, or grad school, or writing or reading.

Something I’ll have to be more creative about in the future, like getting a cat or a dog, or both and an owl. Which are all part of my plan B & C, in case I stay too busy with life, all replete with annotations.

Anyway so it’s still the first week of the month and it already feels like the end of the year, and it’s my Pops’ birthday today.

I always forget how old they are (Mum & Pops) because that makes me forget how old I am too. 😅 (I know, too lame an excuse). All I know is they both are nearing retirement, and they don’t have grandkids yet, and that’s supposed to be the least of my problems. Haha.

But despite all that, I still do wonder what my kids would look like if I had them, and I actually expect them to be as cute and smart and wonderful as their mother. ☺️😄

So yeah, happy 4th day on #postaday September. *yawn* Tired, but so far, it’s been good. 😊

Sending you Love always,

Az ❤️


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