How many more heartbreaks?

“How many more heartbreaks?”

She asked the expressionless faces of the statues of the great saints that adorned the altar.

She sighed and let her frustrations overcome her.

She was tired.

She was always tired.

But there had to be bad days, she reminded herself. And she wondered if she was living that particular life version where she would always have to contend with the ‘star-crossedness’ of things. And where she always had to be writing about how she was meant to carry around a weary heart that only gets more broken every day, and that which never finds a way to ever mend.

She closed her eyes and allowed that moment of quiet to stir her. She could hear her agitated thoughts echo inside the hollow halls of the small church.


There was a long pause that ensued.

“…How many more heartbreaks?”, she finally asked herself decidedly.

She stood up, took a slow and solemn bow to the many great saints, and walked home.

All she had to do was ask, she was reminded.