Hello, how are you? I hope you’re all doing fine.

I’ve been out and about, and also down and out, and I still need to get that long overdue break sooner.

But yeah, in the mean time, I am trying to find ways to get my shizz together and manage to get by.

That’s what life teaches us each day, I guess — that there won’t always be sunshiny days.

And instead, there will be days and weeks and even months of sullen skies and heavy rains and awful winds and raging floods and blackouts all together.

You’d lose some very important things and parts of your life, and you’d feel helpless and frustrated, and sometimes angry and wretched for not being able to do anything about them.

Interestingly though, you’ll realize too that in this same manner, you’d also learn to be more watchful and more judicious, more prudent and more forbearing, more discerning and more tough. And you’d draw hope from things you’d never imagine you’d get light and hope from.

You cry and you ugly cry, and you get going thereafter.

And it’s okay. Because you understand that these are all just meant to make you wiser, and better at braving storms.

I hope you’re fine too.

I just stopped by here (since I cannot also sleep yet) to send you light and love, however little I’m keeping here for myself.

Stay strong and faithful, all of these too shall pass,


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