So this week had been really full.

In fact I can feel my back kinda getting heavier in each day that comes.

But the work that we’ve been doing for the new org so far has been equally tiring but is, amazingly worth every while, and sleeplessness, and migraine attacks.

On another note, I like what the priest said in his First Friday Mass homily today (we also sing in the choir every first Friday of the month) –that all our lives, we yearn for the change that other people can bring into our futures. But more often than not, we end up disappointed because we realize that such change is not what we need.

Little do we know, though, that for change to be lasting and meaningful, it should come from within – planted, nurtured & cultivated in each person.

I really do wish that our kick off activity opens many doors for us to serve. That way, these seeds of love that we all have may grow, and thrive enough to create ripples. 😊

Ahhh, it’s nice to hope.

That very same hope that someday, you’d come and visit, and we’d see each other again, and you won’t need to leave, or I’d leave with you, and we’d be together at last. 😮🤭 Oopsie, I’m drifting hahaha. Anyway I’m kinda groggy writing this.

Tomorrow when I wake up, I’m sure I’ll edit some parts. Haha.

Remember to find it in yourself to be a source of positive change & hope to others.

All my love,
Az 😊


Happy birthday, Mama Mary! 💕


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