I was practice reading this evening since I was asked to read the first reading for our anniversary mass tomorrow, and I was contemplating for a long time (after doing a few runs) because there was so much wisdom in the beautiful passage.

God always has a way of telling us things, I guess.

And after reviewing and making sure of how to correctly pronounce “Ecclesiastes”, “sew”, and “tearing”, I’ve realized, quite deeply, how indeed, there is a time for everything.

And we should know that life won’t always be a time for good things.

I have been supplicating to God (in my personal prayers) and complaining to myself a lot, and to twitter sometimes 😅 about so many things. About work, and the government, and the political landscape, and the prices of goods shooting up, and my looming comprehensive exams, and our grand plans for MHPH, and my own lofty dreams, and my crazy birthday blues.

And I guess a better way to look at my concerns and frustrations right now, is that there is a time for enduring things –so many things, just as there is a time for learning strength and fortitude.

I’m turning 30 in a few days and I haven’t put much thought to it because, can you believe it? I cannot afford to think about it now, really. Not when my life-work-school demands are beyond me. 😭

But yeah, there is a time for working hard in silence and a time for ranting in twitter (sometimes), and a time for writing about its value in the blog.

There is also a time to realize that it will always be us at the receiving end because either way, we learn (if indeed we take pains and still allow ourselves to learn).

So tonight I subscribe to God’s impeccably divine timing and affirm that:

There is always a time to introspect.

There is also a time to grow, and a time to wait.

There is also a time to love, yes, there is.

And a time for us to thrive, and make our dreams come true.

Everyday, there is also a chance for us to find and make so much time for ourselves and our families, and our dreams, and the universe.

I sincerely hope you find the strength to do so.

Much love,


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