Get going

I was looking forward to September this year, and all those golden leaves falling around like autumn showers, even if we only had dry and wet season here.

I had hung my sablay in the corner of my closet already too, and it’s just waiting for a nicely snug graduation dress to be paired with.

I had daydreamed of that day over and over and over again. Ahhh, September.

And there was even a version of it where you’d be there, all tall and handsome, waving at me from the audience when I march with my classmates, your eyes twinkling with the beautiful sunrise.

But I received a letter a few weeks ago. It told me I had to delay September for next year.

It told me, I had not done enough. 😔

And I had to do better, one last time.

And this, I swear, had so unforgivingly reminded me that, apparently, life does not always go as you have fashionably planned it, or as you have grossly daydreamed of.

Don’t get me wrong, I get that. In fact, I had only wished for at least one thing in those countless daydreams to come true for September.

At. Least. One. Thing.

But yeah, I guess I’m just quite out of luck this year. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Ahhhh, and we have to get going, nonetheless.

Keep the faith, my friends.