“You know that dilemma, when you are so sure of what you feel about someone but you can’t do anything about it?”

“And then since you’re helpless, you eventually get tired of trying and you end up telling yourself that perhaps what you feel is not important because it’s never going to happen anyway.”

She asked him, still looking at the book she was reading.

He looked at her lying beside him. The bridge of her glasses at the tip of her nose, and her eyes fixed at that chapter she had been reading since morning. His heart fluttered. If only she knew how she was the only thing that he was so sure of in his life. And how he had prayed everyday for the stars to align for then.

“Yes, of course, dear.” He answered her, smiling.

“Only that, I think that when you come to that point in time, you really have to try a little harder, right? Because you can’t really be sure of so many things in this life. And when you find that one thing that you’re so sure of, you should never waste a time to make things happen.”

She smiled as if she remembered something and did not answer.

“Is that right?” He pressed.

She laughed, looked at him tenderly, and kissed him on the cheek.

“Yes, that’s right, love.”

She looked at him again intently, whispered “thank you,” and hugged him tightly.

He laughed in his lovely baritone and after a few moments, rose from the bed looking at her lovingly.


They asked each other at the same time and laughed.

It pays to try a little harder, they both knew that so well.


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