She sighed and took in everything around her. The air was cool, and everywhere smelled like Christmas.

The sea was quiet and she traced the long straight line that separated the sky from the waters. 

She wondered how farther away the horizon was.

She then closed her eyes and let all of that settle in on her. 

Her spirit was dancing with the breeze.

“There you are, I’ve been looking for you everywhere,” said a deep and steady voice that had somewhat surprised her.

“Please don’t disappear like that again. I was so scared I’d lost you here.” 

She laughed and looked back, and stared at him for a time. His eyes were sparkling and he was smiling sheepishly back at her.

She wondered if he was reading her mind because he had not said a word and had just stared back at her the whole time.

She let that settle in too.
He was such a glorious smiling creature, she had realized.

And then everywhere was a nice kind of warmth, after that. 


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