So I’m trying to recall the time I wrote this and the reasons behind the write up. Haha!
But yeah, I should say that life has an abundance of allegories we can always reflect upon. And all it needs, to be able to see, is for us to be mindful of all the subtleties.
Happy last week of September! 😊

overcast and hazy

as i was fixing up my things before finally calling it a day at work, i had an epiphany over my muddled earphones…

oh wow, on how they make such an awful mesh of themselves,

more like real-life F’d up, complicated relationships —

they just happen, but they leave you half annoyed and half perplexed,

for they take quite some time and an enormous amount of energy to sort out —

you either sit down and take pains to unravel the mysteries behind it,

or you set it aside, for a while, and wait for a perfect time to put it in order,

or you could, once and for all, just throw it away and buy yourself a brand new set of wireless stuff so you won’t have to face a same entanglement problem ever.

well, whatever, guess life never really runs out of allegories. 🙂

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