I am on hospital watch tonight and I’ve been keeping myself from fully crying as I watched Nanay (grandmother) by her bedside, trying to fall asleep.

I’ve realized how time really has a curious way of leaving striking imprints on people.

And that time has a way of teaching us things too.

I went home to get rest for the holidays and I did not expect to have a tender moment, watching Nanay this evening.

It felt like I was looking at myself in the future (if I get to age that long) so I was silently teary eyed as I massaged her temples to calm her down, the same way I would whenever I had a migraine.

I got my migraine from Nanay.

So Nanay is snoring now, and it is perhaps the most wonderful thing you’d want to hear after helplessly listening to her have a delirium of sorts.

Ultimately, I should say, time has a way of making us appreciate the many mundane things.

Happy Christmas, my friends, I wish you all the gift of time.


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