Denken ist danken

I was complaining on twitter earlier this morning of how tired and exhausted I have been feeling of late, and I forgot that there was a recollection this afternoon.

Now Father has just asked us to list down the things that we should be thankful for, and here I am writing a totally different reflection instead. Haha. 😬

Anyway, so the past months have been quite gloomy and I dunno, I feel that the sad days are here to stay again, and when they are going to leave, I would never know.

But yeah, denken ist danken, Father put in his powerpoint.

That means “To think is to thank”, according to the German proverb.

I do think a lot about so many things, I just wish it automatically transforms into thankfulness though, and not sadness.

But can one be sad and at the same time be thankful? I guess so, and perhaps that is my story to tell.

I have long given up on the mutual exclusivity of so many things – like you can’t be sad and thankful at the same time. I do believe that there are so many things that can happen at the same time, only if we destroyed barriers and broke old paradigms.

I know, too radical, too postmodern.

But, I do realize too that we still live in the now,
And not yet in the future where everything else, I imagine, is better.
Where everything wrong now is made right,
Where every void is instead overflowing,
Where all things are in their proper places,
And where there is no more far nor difficult nor impossible,
And where perhaps,
We all can be happy and grateful all at the same time.

Denken ist danken

That is my prayer now and that is my prayer for you too, my friends-
-that we may all be mindful of the many things in this universe that we never really deserve, but are blessed with anyway.
That way, we may well be happy and thankful.

Ah, what do we know?
If anything, the whole of this thinking exercise has made me realize that, perhaps, sadness is grace, after all.

Denken ist danken

Thank you today,
And thank you always, universe.


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