Hello there! I’m sorry I have not been quite keeping up as promised, but as I’ve also said, I do try (hard) as much as I can. ๐Ÿ˜

Anyway, so I guess Sunday evenings are a really good time to write.

My sister’s making salad and I cannot be much helpful as we only have one kitchen knife.๐Ÿ˜… So I wash the dishes instead while contemplating about life in general, and also about investing on kitchen stuff, since we do like to make food up. And then I realize that that still has to come after I get us a bigger place to stay and I dunno, after some other adult stuff I should be prioritizing by now.

Oh Lord, why is it so tedious to grow up? haha. I wonder how my parents did it, you know, having a house & all, & sending four children to school.

So yeah, I pray every night that I can be (even just half) as successful as all our baby boomer parents in the ‘stable material things’ aspect of life. ๐Ÿ˜†

Anyway, so partly related to that is something that has struck me while I was watching the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery on Netflix.

Here was Captain Lorca telling Specialist Michael Burnham about destiny after the sporedrive brought them to an alternate universe where they found alternate antithesis versions of themselves.

Capt. Lorca: There’s me hoping I’d find a better version of myself here. Look out there. Amazing isn’t it? Different universe, and somehow the same people had a way to find each other. The strongest argument I’ve ever seen for the existence of destiny.

Specialist Burnham: I’m not sure I believe in destiny.

Capt. Lorca: Sitting in a cell all alone, facing a life sentence of solitude, future full of misery. Part of you had to know that wasn’t the end of your story. You were destined for something more.

So if I asked you if you believe in destiny, would you tell me you do?

That regardless of where you are now, and however you life is, there is a bigger scheme of things that you know in your heart you ought to be a part of. And somewhat, in one way or another, it fuels you to tread on and get going because you know something (or someone) awaits you somewhere – like a line and a curve and their tangent.



But I do believe in fate’s beauty.

Because how else can we have faith if we do not entrust ourselves to an ultimate being that is beyond us, and pray that he favors our most fervent supplications?

How else do you believe in love if you haven’t met him in a “world so full of strangers” as one song goes, and felt it dawn on you, one fateful day, when he made you laugh in a way no one else in your life has ever had?

How else do you find reasons to exist if, of all circumstances, you don’t find yourself in the same universe, in a same life time, under a same sky with all the people you cherish?

So yeah, I guess I’ll have to continue singing “Tadhana” (means fate in Tagalog), because I reckon that doing so (believing in destiny) makes us continue to hope —

-In our dreams,

In love,

In some day,

In one day.

I hope you have a happy week ahead! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒป


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