*40th post* for the story project, yay! 🤭🤗

“They say you should make a wish when you see a shooting star,” he told her to break the silence, he had been watching her stare at the night sky for a time now.

“My mother once told me that shooting stars were souls going up to heaven,” she answered in a heartbeat, still staring at the sky.

“Maybe they brought with them to heaven those wishes you made,” she added, seemingly talking to herself.

There was silence again. And he joined her watch the starry sky.

“The little match girl!” They both blurted in a chorus and laughed, surprised at the common reference.

He looked at her again, amusedly. She was still looking up, somewhat lost in her thoughts.

“You won’t ask me what I wished for?”

She looked at him and studied his face as if he had not been there before and she had just realized that he was something wonderful.

She laughed.

A laugh that echoed her amusement (and paralleled his own).

“I do hope it comes true,” she told him.


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