No other way

Hello there! What is up? I hope you’re doing good these days.

Anyway so I’m kinda back here writing, yay! 🤗 Although I’ve been finding it really hard to get back to my normal sleeping hours because, apparently, I’ve been doing long hours of keeping up with school work for the majority of this sem on evenings, all while everybody else in the universe are in happy slumbers.

And yeah so since tonight is the same where I take to reading or writing again to get myself and my head both exhausted enough to actually choose to go to sleep.

Also, I just made myself a nice warm cup of milk because, for all you know, living alone in a big big city teaches you a thing or two about how best to live alone and get yourself together to go about regular things like — bringing back the sleeping hours, or getting over a nasty heart break, or surviving finals, or be “fine” with the complicated way this universe works.

I know, I talk a lot in my head most of the time.

Well, to be honest, I just had wanted to check on all of you out there, and send some super extra overflowing love I have here that I don’t know where or whom else to give to. Haha! 💕

And I’d like to leave you with something from this lovely book I’m currently reading that I’ve been telling myself over and over and over again.

“One foot after the other. There’s no other way to get through this.”

I hope this thought may find you well as it had found me, whatever it is that you are going through now.

Good night and sending you some more love from here. 💕


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