Those days

It was one of those particularly sad days again.

Those days that just come and go, and stay longer the next time.

This time, they marched in front of her carrying an ugly effigy of all her worldy doubts, and confusions.

She had every reason to fight them. With water bombs or tear gas, or artillery — wage a gory massacre until none of them and that ugly effigy were left.

But she knew.
She knew exactly that this was no fight.

So she sat there and closed her eyes.

On some days, you need to conjure the strongest of patronuses to ward off the blues.

On other days, you just have to sit and close your eyes, and not put up a fight —

You just let every sensation know you, feel you, own you, purify you.

And you let it change you.

You let it change the universe for you.


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