So it’s a Friday night and I’m right here having cold beer all to myself in peace, amid meaningful netflix reflections. 😊

I’ve realized how I want to be away from all sorts of unnecessary cacophony lately; something that has been such a conscious effort really. haha.

And well, I just turn to my fictional heroes every time and they do always deliver. Unlike the small talk that you find everywhere that seems to be always shallow and insincere and more likely just passing and patronizing and quite unfortunate.

So here’s something that has been going on in my head too like a pop song with a really catchy tune, and something that I’m striving really hard to work out (emphasis on the striving really hard),

I don’t know how the it can’t be’s will end, but I have high hopes.

Perhaps, I’ll take it from what Violet’s mother said,

“Do the scary thing first, and get scared afterwards.”

Ah, I guess I will.

Good night!



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