the thing with not knowing

“What if we don’t like what we find? Knowing can be a terrible thing.”

“But not knowing, isn’t that worse?”

I had wanted to tell the Baudelaire kids this:

You see, kids, the thing with not knowing is hope

You hope things work out for the better,

You hope that despite everything, you’ll still find your place in this massive universe,

You hope that the series of unfortunate events in your lives will eventually come to end,

You hope that one fateful day, the love of your life will come back and then you’d be together again and you’d live happily ever after,

And you hope he reads this and gets whatever secret messages you’re trying to send. haha

Although, it cannot be denied that not knowing maybe dark too — like maybe you’re wrong about everything you said (and hoped for), and maybe you’re meant to live with a cat and not the love of your life instead.

But hey, perspectives (a word here which means points of view or simply, how you see things) do matter!

For where there’s uncertainty, there’s always hope – something that’s warm and light and fuzzy.

You might as well hold on to that. 😊


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