day 206. XIII

she put her pen down and closed her journal.
she had been writing again, she realized.
“and it has been a while,” she told herself smiling.
ah yes, quite a while.
she paused to take in everything around her now. there is something about this city that subdues her really —
and she wonders why;
maybe it’s the pace of things here — fast, ardent, steady (which sounds more like the beating of her own heart),
or maybe it’s her braving of another fledgeling flight to somewhere else,
or perhaps it’s just this whole notion of change,
that frightens, amuses and disarms her all the same.
she broke away from her trance and looked at that empty seat beside her.
“life eventually falls into place, after all,” she reminded herself. ” impeccably timed and sublimely fashioned.”
she looked up at the sky and sighed.
everywhere was a warm and splendid purple.

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