#weekFour #TheGreaterSchemeOfThings ☺

hey! how are you, friends? 😊

been gone for a while, yes. haha.

just doing some contemplating.

so many things in my head lately (much more complicated than usual actually)

and i’m still in the middle of sorting stuff out, putting things in proper perspective and arranging my life in an orderly fashion. 😎

ah well, in other words, i just ran out of things to write about. whoops. hahaa.

but then what do you know?

it’s when you’re usually out of words that you find your heart’s song somewhere and it resonates, all throughout the depths and bounds of that weary soul…


let me share to you my song this week 🎡 🎢


this is the instrumental version that i always put on loop
(i learned this song in elementary)


this one is a very nice cover


and oh! of course, here’s one thing that gets to me the most, meaningful lyrics πŸ’–
pilgrim's theme 2


comforting isn’t it? and i really find solace in that kind of divine assurance, how –

one day we’ll find our place,
for all things fall in place,
for all things have a place,
in the greater scheme of things

very nice. 😊 good night! πŸ’‹