one hundred

Just this evening, I had this existential tweet exchange with some friends and I do admit I’m quite stirred.

So if you had to live up to a hundred, would you (the impatient millennial that you are) be happy with all the things that you’ve done in all that century of living?

Well, if you ask me, I don’t think I’ll ever get to that age, what with my life choices. I’ll probably be found peacefully dead one day in a nice little hut with an old cat in a thick rain forest somewhere remote.

Actually, and quite honestly, I just realized how I haven’t taken that much time to think about life, and that, perhaps, is what really gets me.

When do you exactly say it’s time to grow up and do those mature things your parents have so ‘recklessly’ done at twenty two or twenty five?

I was born when my parents were both twenty four, if I come to think about it, I’m in my late twenties now and all I want is to find a good scholarship program for further studies, maintain my steady supply of coffee and make sure to keep the internet connection stable – nothing major, nothing reckless, nothing grown up.

Ah well, they say you live life at your own pace.

I guess I’ll just have to take mine in stride.