*Disclaimer: some rants ahead. Haha.

So I’ve quite realized, with much exhaustion, how, indeed, there are just times in your life when no matter how hard you try to find ways to insulate yourself from all the negativity around, some of it gets to you like poison bugs crawling inside little cracks in your life somewhere.

And, ironically, those cracks are the exact same cracks that you wish only the sunshine found to shine on in instead.

But yeah, I guess that’s just the way it is. And we have to deal with the poison bugs the way pest control experts deal with them – strategically.

Ahhh! What a time to be alive and be tired all the same for a smorgasbord of reasons. Haha.

Which reminds me, I badly need to get away from all sorts of toxicity for a while. 😅

Happy Wednesday! ❤️



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