So I just woke up from a migraine “coma” which is basically that loss of consciousness during the height of your mother migraine attack.

I know, right?

Migraine is something I wouldn’t ever try to wish on anybody. But it is also a part of my regular life that has taught me to be more patient, more self-aware, more independent, and more understanding of my own needs and personal requirements.

It has, ultimately, and believe it or not, taught me to survive.

And I guess it has to go along with a certain type of genetic make up that could survive its chronic form, that’s why not all people have it, but most of my relatives do. Haha.

Anyway, so it’s past one here and I’m trying to get back to sleep because I still have a PAP Summit to attend to tomorrow (technically later), I have reports to finish, a baby org I need to be a good tita to, and loads and loads of emotional baggage and undue pressure passed around at work that is, honestly, something we all do not deserve and is also all too unnecessary to carry (I meant the undue pressure 😆).

But yeah, we’re here to thrive — that’s what twenty effin’ nine years of existing generally teaches you.

And as I was saying, as I woke up in this wee hour of morning, after this bad migraine attack, I got reminded of the importance of having to take care of yourself, especially if you do the type of work I’ve been doing for the whole of my working years. Because believe me, you can only do so much for others as much as you can only do much for yourself (if you get that drift haha).

Anyway, I hope this weekend is a fine time to recover as September seems to give us all that demanding feels. Good thing though, is that that “demandingness” will come with an atmosphere that will have to change to a kinder, Christmassy type since it’s the “ber” months already.

Ahhh, I’m rambling. Haha.

See you more often this month.

I will endeavor to do a #postaday special series for a very special birth year. Haha.

Good night and sending you love,

-az ❤️


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