I found this on my notes again, written last year. I guess I’m more prolific when I’m morose. Haha. 🤭


She had read a thousand other romance and fiction paperbacks in the whole of her lifetime,

And have seen and heard a hundred other stories from her friends and else where.

But she had always thought that their story will always have to be the most amusing there is, ever written.

Like that story of Snape, the ultimate bad guy.

He and his slinky, slimy hair, and bad fashion, and grim face.
Who was hated by all in the whole series but who, in the end, was perhaps the best character of all (well you have got to have read the whole thing to know this).

Severus Snape whose only ultimate flaw was that he loved,

He loved Lily Potter.

He loved Lily Potter too much that he lost his life when she died.

That he cannot look into Harry’s eyes because he had his mother’s eyes too.
That when the dementors nearly took the boy’s life, he saved him with his patronus, which was identical to his mother’s.

He loved Lily Potter too much that for her boy, the greatest living betrayal of his life and love that ever walked the earth,
He was willing to team up with the dark lord to protect him,
And in the end even give up his life for him.


Curious how although she had read that story a decade ago, that had always stuck with her.

Perhaps good stories do stay with you forever–

–Like that of The Little Prince,
or Mr. Darcy,
or Count Olaf,
or Dorian Gray,
or Esther Greenwood,
or Tris and Four,
or Jean Louise Finch,

or theirs.


Happy Friday!


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