five years ago 

Hello! How are you? I know I’ve been really low on write ups lately and I miss you all and it’s September and the birth month always gives me the blues.

I guess when you get a lot older, the whole world takes a significant toll on your life and you accomplish lesser things because, hey, you need to think about paying your bills, stocking up on food and staying alive, going about deadlines, juggling work and graduate school, participating in family affairs, and contributing to nation building; all of which are made even more tedious by complications like relationships. (Haha! I know right, you did not see that last one coming 😆).

But don’t get me wrong, life is a wonderful mess in itself that you don’t want to miss out living in and on it. 

I told my sister yesterday how I always seem to get the things that I want in life generally (and even so much more) later than the rest of the universe, and I know very well that my “life-test” of patience is one for eternity, and I am not complaining because perhaps that is how and when you come to find more meaning – when you see yourself draw strength in the very things that render you vulnerable.

Awh, hormones, haha.

So anyway, I was rummaging through old notebooks for some guitar chords I wrote down way back in college and I came across this very fangirly Dumbledore’s Army notebook my aunt gave me. Haha. 

My god, isn’t five years a very, very long time ago already? I’m not even sure if I’d be able to wholeheartedly recognize this version of me who wrote it. 

But anyway, thinking about it, I’m just glad that I would not disappoint my 23 year old self that much if I told her what I had been up to in the last few years that had gone by.

Ahhhhh, the tenderness of youth, right? 🤗

A teacher-nun in grade school told us once to always pray for wisdom to be able to accept God’s plans wholeheartedly, and yeah, I guess my prayers have never changed. 

Although I would want to accomplish everything (& I mean everything) I wrote there, haha, if you know what I mean. 😁

Happy September my loves, join me count down to my birthday, yay! 🌻💕



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