Hi! So I’m down to my last paper due on Wednesday at 11:55 pm, and perhaps after that I can be a better blogger friend to you guys, and be a generally better person to the world. 😁

My one year LOA from grad school because I reviewed for the Psych Boards had taken it’s toll on me, quite awfully I should say. And I never should have taken the Public Fiscal Administration, and Program and Project Implementation courses together on a coming back sem. But yeah, I’m getting the hang of it again and hopefully, next semester will be sweeter. Haha!

And to top it all, I’m also having some unresolved stuff resurfacing, and I’m trying my best to rationalize it and it’s crazy. But I always tell myself that I have a degree in Psychology and I passed its freaking board exams, and I should know what to do, even if (apparently, I’m afraid) I actually am not sure of anything anymore. So yeah, I just hold on to the fact that I’ll get to figure stuff out, and that things will fall into place, and that I’d be fine, eventually.

I know, I know I’m rambling, forgive me. 😅

Anyway, so let me share what Platon (yes The Platon) has to say about life in the Abstract Episode where he was featured in. And you may have noticed that this is like a topic jump. Haha. My head’s all jumbled, you see.

So here goes:

“I spent most of my adult life in the dark, with a small red light on, trying to find that visual language.If it’s necessary, it’s in there. If it’s not necessary, it’s not there. So strip it down, simplify it. Just go for the core.


“I still shoot with the same type of light. The same film. The same box. The same shoot-through umbrella. The same camera. Everything is the same and it allows the message to change.

I guess that’s the most important thing, and I’m keeping that in mind today: that in the sameness of it all – be it joys, pains, hopes, circumstances, you allow things, you allow the message to change.

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! 😊


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