Hello there, so I had been awfully busy lately, and then WordPress suddenly reminds me that it’s our Blogversary today. πŸ’•


Awwwhhh. 😍 At least, I could say that I am capable of maintaining a long term relationship with something. πŸ˜†

Happy four years, first love!!! 😊

I guess that if there’s one thing that I have learned, after all these years — it is that you should always make sure to (not only find, but) make time for, and cherish the things (and people) that you value most in life, else, you lose them forever, and it’s sad whenever that happens.

You see, I would have been a sadder person had I not started this space.
Thank you for always droppin’ by to read! 😊

Anyway, so let me leave you with a few panoramic shots of my weekend with the office mates in Kawasan Falls. I enjoyed that whole ‘stop and smell the flowers’ drill. It was refreshing.

on the way to the falls


you see the falls? πŸ‘€


last stop @ the molave milk station, barili (office mates enjoying ice cream & the view)

~ I just do hope that, you have been looking at life in panoramas too. 😊


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