it all has to be done with love

Hi! So it has been really busy around lately and it’s crazy. But, hey, I cannot but be grateful instead for so many things.

Anyway so I watched one episode of Abstract. And let me make it clear that I watched just one episode, because, of course, I have dread… I mean deadlines. Haha.

So this episode on Ralph Gilles made me cry (again) because, apparently, just about everything makes me cry nowadays. Even politics. 😭

Haha. Kidding aside, I was struck by Mr. Ralph Gilles’ sincerity in the whole of the documentary. I had goosies all over especially when he talked about how he struggled to follow his dreams.

Something, I’m sure, we all went through too (that awful inner tug of war of chasing your dreams and fearing it won’t work all the same; something that some of us may still be figuring out at the moment).

And yes, it is a pretty big deal.

He also talked about how beautiful it is when you create, even the smallest of things, with love. 😊 Proof to this was the big nod his team got for the new FCA concept car they presented to their CEO, Sergio Marchionne. He was ecstatic:

“Sergio turned around and said,
This is really good stuff. This is some of the best stuff I’ve seen in a long time.”

“Whether it’s a windshield wiper or an engine cover, it all has to be done with love. The observer recognizes that.”

I guess that is what all artists and poets and writers would tell us — how things that are done with love transcend form, transcend seasons and transcend lifetimes.

Happy April! 😊


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