Living such inconceivably crazy weeks lately, I’m just really grateful for a universe that continually brings me random things to ponder on.

So I came across another series again and I’m now a fan of Christoph Neimann. 😁

Here are a few of my take aways in the first episode where he was featured:

On growth:
“I sensed that the only way to grow required that I loosen up.”

me: yep, I better


On taking risks:
“I’m convinced you always have to change direction while things are good”

me: hmmmmmm πŸ€”


On being really good at your craft:
“Be a much more ruthless editor and be a much more careless artist”

me: careless, yes, let us all be careless sometimes. we need that.


And on life in general:
“You have to practice and become better”

me: oh! i guess the blog is not a bad idea after all! πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

So to all of you out there who, for some reason, have decided to already put their art aside, do yourself a huge favor and bring it back.
We all know the aloofness of this universe in valuing art and literature, but hey, as Mr. Neimann puts it,

“The gateway drug is not creating art, but experiencing art.”

Let your life be that art. 😊🌻

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