what happy looks like

so i just finished this book the past weekend.
but nope, this is not a book review. i’ve saved that for goodreads. hahaa. ๐Ÿ˜„


i just figured that on some lonely days or nights, we’d find ourselves wrapped up in a self made bubble of warm thoughts (the lucky ones eventually conjuring a patronus), and temporarily finding solace in the fact that someday, you’d find your own happy.

so tell me, what does happy look like?

i think it’s finishing a good book on a particularly bad day
or waking up renewed after a severe migraine

it’s having ice cream, or cake
or a nice rich cup of coffee in a rainy afternoon

it’s getting an A+ on your essay in that major subject with a crazily brilliant professor
or singing in a concert on a february night
or writing a song and performing it live

it’s riding the open tram in the night safari, all those wild creatures (and lions!) passing you by

it’s watching the beautiful sunset by the beach
or the vast sugarcane fields from your window seat during high school

it’s a nice conversation on a rainy evening
or under the starry sky

it’s going places you’ve never been to, all by yourself
or learning a new language
or finding new friends
or seeing the old ones after a long long time

it’s saying hello for the first time
or saying, of course, we’ll meet again

it’s finding love in the most unexpected places, losing yourself in the process and getting whole again in the end

it’s falling over a couple of times but picking yourself up, nevertheless

it’s seeing your parents’ tearful smiles on the day you marched up that stage on graduation
or having your boss give you a pat on the back and personally tell you, you’ve done a good job

it’s a good night’s sleep
or a writer’s sudden flow of inspiration

it is everywhere,
every day

and whether or not they exist or they are just imagined,
happy will almost always look like those things we so gloriously paint in our minds

and it doesn’t really matter if you live in a chaotic and dysfunctional world – overwrought with pain, so full of difficulties and replete with madness,
because, really
–you, me,
we create our own happy. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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