two five

i found this post i made up last year.

and since it’s a shiny new year, i might as well make another version of it for this year. 😊

twenty five

1. no, not at all
not all people are nice or smart or cute or awesome (or self absorbed) like you, haha. but God gives you the choice, every single day, to deal with that in excellent fashion. so it’s not faulty electrical wiring, a dysfunctional system, your evil boss, your toxic social sphere, or your ugly ex lover that gives you the hell out of life. Nope, remember how God gives you all the choices, you should learn to do the math. 😎

2. happiness
happiness is always almost not tangible, and sometimes, it borders the surreal. and you’ll be sure to find it in a most unexpected time with a most impeccable timing.πŸ‘Œ although, just don’t get tired chasing. πŸƒ

3. but
but here’s the catch – not all people will exhaust all means to reach that penultimate state of genuine happiness, NO. some get tired, some just give up, sorry. however, you should carry on. who knows, you might as well be a source of inspiration 😁

4. puso (heart)
life is a live performance. despite how long you’ve practiced to perfect your routines or spiels, there is always that 0.01 chance of error. take murphy’s law, it says – what will go wrong, will go wrong . but that’s fine, because in the final analysis, the end all and be all of things is if you gave it enough puso (heart). πŸ‘

5. love
if you love, expect to get hurt at some point. but don’t fret because as they say, “pain is only a shadow of love.” 😜

6. choice
it’s okay to change your mind even if you’re in the middle of your smorgabord of realities – (you’re in third year college or you’re getting married in an hour) when you are 101.1% sure that these won’t ever make you happy. you’d prefer to go through that amount of stress for straightening up a crooked part of life rather than lock yourself in a lifetime default of bitter regrets. πŸ™…

7. pray
ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you. pray for decisions big and small. God listens. 😊

8. pwede (possible)
having shifted twice in college does not mean you cannot graduate with latin honors 😊, or just because you are caught up in a thick web of things, does not mean you cannot change you status quo to pursue the things that would make you happy. of course you can. call it God stirring you. #TrueStory☝️

9. courage
i read somewhere that, “while it takes strength to love, it takes courage to be loved; and while it takes strength to survive, it takes courage to live”. so take courage to go and brave the universe, no matter how screwed up you and your life preferences are. go, fight, win! πŸ‘Š

10. vicious cycle
start things right. you don’t want to be caught up in a vicious cycle for eternity. which will be passed on to your great great great great great grand children. nope, you do not want that. πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅

11. speak
speak when you need to. it’s liberating

12. listen
listen when you have to. it pays

13. give
God provides, so give. no matter how little, however it hurts. 😊 the ripple you start goes on forever.

14. humility
be proud of your achievements, you worked hard for them. just don’t let them get into your head.

15. respect
respect begets respect. and it is earned, okay, earned. not imposed. hahaa

16. kindness
be kind to everything. you don’t want to be a lonely vegetable in your next life. πŸ†

17. thank you
say thank you, even if people are duty bound to be of service to you. it’s win-win, spread the love.

18. sorry
as always clichΓ©dly put, “to err is human, to forgive is divine”. and because you are human, you are by nature, inclined to make mistakes, so own up to your wrongs and say that awesome magic word. unless of course you are cyborg programmed to be infallible, which is by the way, also not an excuse.

19. friends
they say friends are only passing shadows. so cherish those you have now and keep those worth keeping close. even if they may judge and lambast you your whole life for your gender or music or relationship choices, they do love you anyway. and will be there presto, when you call for a drinking sesh or a coffee fix on a random day in the middle of a crazy work week.

20. family
more often than not, you may take them for granted over friends or school or work or whatever, but they’ll always be there to love you fully and unconditionally. love them well.

21. OA (Over reActive)
don’t be so OA, that’s a risk factor to a good number of physiological and psychological disorders. haha. keep it cool. 😎

22. honor and excellence
the best, most meaningful and probably the most useful thing i learned in UP. nothing beats.

23. ironic
🎢 and isn’t it ironic, don’t you think? a little too ironic..🎢
life is full of ironies, it makes a beautiful satire.
🎢 but who would’ve thought, it figures 🎢
but it sure figures 😊

24. force majeure
whether we like it or not, there are things in life that we have no control over. but don’t worry, we always manage to get by. and that is what’s most important.

25. process
and lastly, life is a process – yes, long and winding and oh so complicated.
but thing is, you live it at your own pace. so take a moment to see the landscape, smell the flowers and hear the birds singing. the whole point of this life is to live, so why make it difficult? God gives us all the opportunity to thrive at making our own beautiful life choices.
go figure.

have a meaningful 2014! 😊


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