louder things

Hello friends, how are you? So it’s been what, four months? 😱

Time comes and goes as it pleases, I guess, and yah, here I am in the middle of I don’t know what exactly. 👀

It has always been loud and chaotic everywhere, and there’s always this threat of intrusion to my peace that I really get awfully annoyed about. HAHA. I mean, I don’t really make trouble for the world, you know, but why are there people who can’t seem to feel that they’re so much trouble for others? 😭

I know.

I know that I’m taking a post grad degree in psychology, but it really amuses me still, how people can be absurdly distressing sometimes.

Is it really very hard to be present at a moment and listen to a world that is speaking to you? 😭

Have we grown so calloused to the universe already and have become quite dull at feeling for things outside of ourselves?


I know how the past years have been cruel and tiring for all of us. The pandemic has stripped us of so many things and reasons to be happy and okay. And I’ve written way too many vicious thought dumps than this too which I’ve kindly just kept in my drafts. Haha. Maybe because I still hold on to that patronus– that every day is a chance to be a better human being; mindful of people’s loud (if not obvious) non-verbal cues.

I guess we just have to listen more, yes? Especially to important things around us that don’t need to be said.

There are louder things than chaos. And it takes being human to know (and hear) that.

We’ve come so far through a pandemic and all, and we can’t be worse after that, right?

Ahhhh, I hope.

Happy weekend my friends. Stay faithful, and don’t forget to be kind.🌻